Regd.No.: 2325/051/052

About us

Khani Nirman Sewa Pvt.Ltd. deliberately focuses on its  construction in Nepal. Our goal is to provide as many services as possible from within the company itself. 
With our strategy of intelligent growth we concentrate on the stable home markets with secure margins – Nepal, India, Dubai. We are represented in these countries with our entire portfolio.

Khani Nirman Sewa was founded as company in 1995. With a workforce more than employees, Khani Nirman Sewa is today among the leading companies in the Nepalese construction industry.


Vision, mission and Core Values Of Khani Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd



Company since its establishment has a vision to grow as one of the leading construction companies of Nepal in the field of infrastructure development thereby making Nepal self-reliant and to be a Global Partner with international construction companies in the international arena of infrastructure development.


Mission Statement:

Company is established with the mission to carry out quality construction in civil infrastructure development against reasonable profit to sustain and constantly grow, through following concept and course of actions.

  • Quality is the minimum requirement and we offer always more than what is expected.
  • All stakeholders ae our development partners and we like to grow together with them.
  • Continuous improvement and growth are essential for development and success.
  • Employees with integrity are valuable asset of company.
  • We always offer or deliver more than what value we get from owner or employer.


Core Values:

Company has core values that drive company always forward. These are highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and fundamental driving forces of individual as well as that of company.

  1. Excellence:We are committed to Excellence. That means whatever we do we always try to excel and produce the best.
  2. Team Work: Every member, personnel, partner and stakeholders are members of our team.
  3. Integrity:It is a fundamental requisite for better personnel, better company, better country and the better world.
  4. Accountability: The Company and its personnel are accountable to what is performed or delivered by them.
  5. Social and Environmental Responsibilities: Our Company and Employees recognize the responsibilities towards our Society and Environment.